Aleksandr Biyevetskiy is the founder of RoofingCalc.com, a home services marketplace helping homeowners connect with trusted roofing contractors.

He is also the man behind Roofinity.com, a specialty provider of roofing lead gen. tools and digital marketing services for roofing contractors.

Alex is a former Global SEO manager at Kaspersky Labs, and a former SEO lead at Catalyst Digital, an enterprise SEO agency focused on helping fortune 1000 brands succeed in the digital space. Alex covers compelling and relevant topics with focus on inbound marketing, startups and entrepreneurship on his blog: StartupBrawler.com

Fun Facts:

I am a home improvement tech entrepreneur, a competitive ballroom dancer, a known addict for a good game of Chess, and an avid outdoors lover.

How I Empower Small Businesses, Remodeling Companies, and Established Roofing Contractors:

I help established roofing contractors and home improvement companies optimize their websites for top visibility and conversions. If you need to turn your website into a lead generation machine, I can help! Reach out to me today by email at Aleksandr.Biyevetskiy@Gmail.com. I am the guy!