Is Your Human Nature Holding You Back from Achieving Greatness?

It’s human nature to care deeply about what others think of you. In fact, I think it’s so inherently human and so common that it can often be downright paralyzing for so many people who dream big, but ultimately fail to follow through on their dreams.

I think the challenge is to accept this inherent weakness most of of us have, and focus on doing what you set out to do and what you believe is right regardless of what others may think.

The truth is that most people have a rather flawed perception of you anyways. Why? Well, simply because most people are cognitive misers, which is not only the nature of human cognition, but also a function of human survival. Most people are simply too busy with their own daily routines to find the time to have a meaningful thought as opposed to superficial labeling of you in the first place.

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