150 Points Remodeling Search Engine: Lead Gen. SaaS for Roofing Contractors

Keeping Home Improvement Contractors Honest by Making Sure Homeowners Hire Only the Best Pros and Never Overpay for their Home Remodeling Services

One startling home improvement and roofing market inefficiency I’ve identified during my tenure as a metal roofing company co-owner, was just how many people routinely get screwed over by dishonest “pros”. It was an eye-opening and truly startling revelation for me to learn about so many homeowners getting lied to and cheated by some unscrupulous and unreliable home improvement contractors such as shady roofers, despite the fact that there is Angie’s List and other consumer reviews sites such as Yelp.

From metal roofs that get blown off due to improper installation to ones that leak due to installers making deliberate errors as a way of getting back at their employer, to people taking homeowners’ money and not showing up for the job. We have truly seen it all!

As a result of this serious inadequacy in the market place, i.e. homeowners getting cheated by the fly-by-night “pros”, I have co-founded a start-up designed to solve the problem of being able to find the most appropriate remodeling professional for a specific job. 150points.com stands for 150 Points of Quality, Transparency, and Trust. It’s a de-facto “credit score” or “trust score” for a contracting business. This remodeling contract search engine evaluates contractors not only on the basis of quality and trust, but also on the basis of suitability for a particular job. Thus, it will not recommend the best general contractor for a metal roofing job, but rather it will recommend a proven metal roofer instead.

Because many homeowners also routinely overpay for their home remodeling upgrades, our contractor search engine also dubs as a “Remodeling Decision Engine” in a sense that it not only helps homeowners to find the most suitable and trustworthy company for a particular job, but it also provides project pricing details, so that homeowners don’t over pay for the job, or at the very least have some idea of a typical pricing range for this kind of a job. Currently in the early beta-testing stage for roofing contractors, this product is already bringing in some modest revenue and even some job referrals to the roofing contractors. As our algorithm and platform continues to mature, we’ll be adding other home remodeling professionals to the systems.

Roofing Calculator Pro – Lead Gen., Plugin: Free Exclusive Roofing Leads, Plus SEO for Roofing Pros

But, we are not stopping there, we are also in the process of developing lead generation tools for roofing contractors and other home improvement professionals. For instance, one of the key takeaways from running New England Metal Roof was that a lot of people found our Roofing Calculator quite helpful, which helped us create engagement with the site visitors and improved our lead generating outcomes. We are now getting to release a SaaS for Roofing Pros. It will be a fully-customizable Roofing Calculator Lead Generation Plug-in Machine designed to drive engagement and generate leads for a particular roofing company. You can learn more about roofing calculator lead gen. plugin at our SaaS for Roofing Contractors site here: www.Roofinity.com

Based on the testing we have done thus far, roofing and home improvement contractors can improve their lead gen. metrics two and three fold following the integration of our roofing calculator Pro Plug-in for Pros, based on the same level of traffic and no other changes. Those of course, would be exclusive leads for the contractor. Coupled with lead analytics and our SEO tools for contractors, we are aiming to disrupt the way that remodeling contractors generate their home improvement leads and drive organic search visibility and traffic to their websites. Our Roofing lead gen. and analytics SaaS products are currently being tested in house, with an early beta testing in the wild launch looming on the horizon.

Our ultimate goal is to empower contractors by enabling them to take charge of the blood line of their contracting business – their lead gen. We want to make contractors less reliant on third party lead aggregators such as Service Magic distributing the same lead to four different contractors, thereby making it difficult to differentiate and forcing contractors to compete on price.

Our proprietary SEO tools for contractors will make it easier for these home improvement businesses to take charge and ultimately improve their online visibility. No more misleading SEO companies, contractors will be able to use the tools I’ve used to gain visibility for my own website.

Lastly, we are looking to build a mobile app for contractors that will go beyond a simple roofing calculator lead gen. machine for their website. We are looking to build a fully functioning roof estimating and project management software for roofing contractors. Thus, we are ultimately looking to develop a suite of SaaS and mobile app tools to empower contractors by enabling them to gain visibility for their websites, generate leads, and ultimately sell the jobs with our roof estimating and project tracking apps integrated across all the devices.