3 Early-Stage Startups to Watch in 2019

My pick of three highly-compelling, yet not over-hyped, early-stage technology startups to watch in 2019.

While most early-stage technology startups fail to return the invested capital, select few find a way to thrive and make it big, against all odds.

I am really excited about these three, little-known yet very promising ventures:

1. OpenPhone.co is a mobile app that adds a second phone number on your existing device. Keep your personal phone number, personal. Disruptive mobile phone technology SaaS app.

What to Expect from the Open Phone App

• This SaaS startup has the potential to impact the future of how people use their mobile phones.
• In my view, this product is especially useful for small business owners and folks who are a part of the rapidly growing gig economy.
• The company is already generating revenue, and hence ready to scale.
• The startup has recently raised its series A round of financing, after graduating from Y Combinator, the world’s most respected startup accelerator whose alumni include the likes of AirBnB and Drop Box.

To see for yourself, you can try OpenPhone service for free
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