How to Get Out of Your Own way – Make Faster Progress towards Your Goals

I’ve outlined the three most critical aspects of success and failure on the way towards making progress to your goals.

1) Once you have crystallized your goals, the key is staying focused and making incremental progress towards your goals every single day.

That’s right, you have to spend at least an hour a day working on the tasks that lead directly towards your goals. You have to pit in the actual work, starting on day zero, all the way to successfully accomplishing your goals.

Once you get some good habits going for you, i.e. you get in the habit of actually working towards your goals at least one hour a day, every day, you will start having more fun with the actual process aka hard work than you initially thought you would! That’s the only way forward, you have to love the journey not just the prize at the end of the road.

2) Surround yourself with positive people and avoid nay-sayers and negative people at all costs — they will only slow you down.

3) Worry not about what people think — Just do it. When you start worrying about what people think, you are not making progress towards your goals, instead you are stalling. You have to move forward.

Remember that you can be your own worst enemy, especially if you start over-analyzing what you’ve set out to do. Embrace the “just do it” mentality, and figure out the rest along the way.

Let me know if you would like me to further elaborate on any of these points or add something else to the list?

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